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Cast Photo Pop Up Card

This is a Thank You variation of the theater pop up card. The original design has a cast photo that pops up through a slot in the stage floor. I like the mechanism, but the photo is quite small and it's hard to see the kids' faces.
In this version the photo is much larger, and the cutting and assembly are simplified. In the sample I have greyed out the photo. Yours will look much better :) !
How to Make the Theater Card Pop Up Card
Making the theater
Download and print the theater.

Using the guide below, cut and fold the theater.

Cut on solid blue lines, cutting out a window for the picture and two short lines on the steps.

Score red and green dotted lines. Mountain fold green dotted lines. Valley fold red dotted lines.
I like to make the fold where the floor meets the stage first, then pinch the steps, then work on the two long folds on the stage. Work carefully when you are making the fold below the photo cut-out so you don't tear the black strip dividing the stage and the photo cut out.

Add your photo
Re-size your photo to fit the width of the cut out area (about 7"). Add a black fill at the top or bottom if needed to fill the entire cutout. Add a 1/4" inch black border around the entire thing. Print and cut out.

Fold the theater flat.

Apply glue to the black border around your picture and glue the picture to the back of the theater cut out.

Gluing the theater to the card
With the theater folded flat, even the edges by trimming away the excess floor.

Fold a piece of 8.5" x 11" card stock in half. Start with the paper in portrait position and fold the top edge down to meet the bottom edge. You can use A4 card stock, but the border around the theater will be smaller.

On the inside of the card stock, measure down from the fold 1/4" (0.6 cm.) and draw a guideline.

Glue the theater piece to the card stock one half at a time: first the curtain/picture half, then the floor half.
With the theater piece folded flat and the picture side face up, spread glue as shown. Flip the piece over and glue it to the card stock, lining up the front edges of the steps with the guideline.

Now glue the floor side. Spread glue as shown. Do not put any glue on the steps! Close card and put a weight on it. Allow to dry.

Trim card stock to leave an even border around the theater.
pop up thank you card