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Seven Snowflake Pop Up

Remember the Seven Flower Pop Up ?

The flower parts are little six-petal cups. Six a snowflake? Hey, why not?

The seven snowflakes go together just like the seven flowers, but you have to take a few precautions.

Start by cutting eight-sided flowers, exactly as if you were making the seven flower pop up.

Make additional cuts to turn them into snowflakes. Don't remember how to cut snowflakes? Instructions here.

Do not cut away the basic petal shape at the top! When I made my snowflakes I made the mistake of cutting random shapes, ending up with some that didn't have any paper left up at the tips where they needed to be glued together.

Here are mine. Some of them worked better than others.

Yes, your snowflakes will start with eight sides.

Following the directions for the Seven Flower Pop Up, cut out one section of each snowflake, then glue the two end sections on top of one another. Each snowflake will form a little cup.

Fold each snowflake in half. Make sure you have one full "petal" in the middle of each folded flake, not two full petals side by side.

Yeah, I did that wrong the first time, too.

Stack and glue the snowflakes to each other as shown in the Seven Flower Pop Up directions.

The snowflakes don't pop as vigorously as flowers do because the cuts soften the paper a bit. I think that's a good thing.

If I make this again I will choose papers in a variety of the very palest of pastels. I think it will be prettier and certainly easier to figure out what I'm gluing to what. (All those white pieces just blend together in a big mush when you're working with them).

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