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Lattice Tealight Pumpkin Update

How to make a lattice sliceform Halloween pumpkin

Updated to include a full set of cutting files!

Download file set: PDF, SVG (how to use my files with Cricut Design Space), DXF, Silhouette Studio.

Files download for free; pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. Suggested contribution for this project is $1.00.


Cut out the pieces, 2 pumpkin shapes, 4 circles, 4 ovals.

Begin assembly with the two pumpkin shaped pieces. Slot together at the top and bottom. They will form an X.

Separate the two kinds of circles, labeled #1 and #2 on the template. Start with the two #1 circles. Slot the top of the circle into the next empty slot out from the center of one pumpkin. Now slot the bottom together the same way.

Turn the piece 180° and repeat with the second #1 circle. You now have three pieces going in the same direction, parallel to each other.

Turn the pumpkin 90° and slot #2 circles onto the piece. The center top of the #2 circle will fit into the pumpkin shape, and its two slots on either side of center will fit into the #1 circle pieces you have already placed.

In the picture below the front circle is in place.

The back circle has been added.

Here's what it looks like from the front and top.

Now add the last four pieces.

The four ovals are identical so you can start on any of the four sides of the pumpkin.

Slot the top and bottom into the remaining (outermost) pumpkin slots. Slip the tabs of the circles through the side slits of the oval. You will have to slide the piece up and down a bit, maybe even bend it, to work the tabs through the slits.

Check that everything is still slotted together, and adjust pieces up and down as needed to eliminate wrinkles. The top and bottom of each piece should line up with every piece it intersects. Pay particular attention to the ovals. They are more locked into place than the other pieces and tend to pull things out of wack.

You should be able to collapse the pumpkin flat.  If not, something has come unslotted.

Add the stem.

 Glue each pair of stem pieces together only at the very top. You want to be able to open out the bottom.

Start with the stem piece that has the slot at the top. Look at the template for the pumpkin pieces. See how the one at the bottom of the page has a slot on the underside at the top arc of the pumpkin?

That's the one you want to put this stem piece on.

Separate the flaps at the bottom of the stem and slide it onto the pumpkin piece. One layer of the stem goes on each side of the pumpkin piece. Don't push it down too far, or it will shove the other pumpkin piece out of its slot. The stem goes through the slot of the second pumpkin piece. (Here I have used slotted strips of paper instead of pumpkin shaped pieces because it's a little easier to see).

Slide the other stem piece onto the first one, separating the flaps to either side of the pumpkin. Yellow lines added to emphasize the flaps of the stem pieces.

Here is the view from the underside.

Try to flatten the pumpkin to see if it's getting hung up on the stem. You may need to take the stem off and trim the edges a little to allow the pumpkin to fold.

When you're satisfied with the stem, dab a little glue under the flaps to keep the stem from falling off.
I bought battery operated tealights from the dollar store (2 for $1!). They fit through the lattice if you bend it the weensiest bit.

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