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Reverse Waterfall Card

In a conventional waterfall card you pull a tab to make a set of pictures flip open. I reversed the mechanism to make a push tab. As you push the tab the pictures flip, but the tab appears to stay the same size at every flip, instead of getting longer and longer at the bottom. It's like magic!

Click here for Reverse Waterfall Card tutorial

First, here is the envelope I used to mail the cards.

And here's the outside of the card. The vellum square is glued only around the edges so the foil confetti shapes can shake around. It's supposed to look like a seed packet.


Pushing the tab to flips the cover open.

Continue pushing the tab and the pages flip up. The fold line/flipping hinge of the card is just above the top of the tree (it's kind of hard to see with these scanned flat).

Kids grow and the tree gets more decorated with each flip.


Cover open.


First flip.


Second flip.


Third flip.


Fourth flip.


Notice that at every flip the visible part of the (red) quote still makes sense? I spent a lot of time moving that around to get it to work right.

Here is the back. The picture is printed on the band that holds the pages in place.