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How to Make Pop Up Cards -Open Top Box - Lesson 18

180° Open Top Box Pop Up Card Tutorial

How to Make Pop Up Cards Tutorial
This is Lesson 18 in a series of step by step tutorials on How to Make Pop Ups. 

open box pop up card

A four sided open box pop up that forms when the card is opened out completely flat, 180°.

The box will be indented somewhat on two sides, even when fully open.

Compare to the boxes in Lessons 1, 3, 4 that were fully popped when the card was opened at 90°.

Construct Box
Print template or draw your own pattern and cut out. You can make your box either square or rectangular, it's up to you.

Note that the height of your box does not affect the size of the glue template.

Black lines are cutting lines. Score and fold. Green lines are mountain folds, red lines are valley folds.

This template is designed to print on an 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper. Finished box size is 3" length by 2" width by 1.5" tall.

Glue tab to short end to form box shape.

Determine Glue Points

Line up the glue template with the card center.

Lightly trace around the tab ends.

You can glue the tabs toward the outside of the box, toward the inside of the box, or slit the card base and slip the tabs through, gluing to the outside of the card. See Lesson 5 more detailed coverage of tab and slot attachments.

Attach to Card

Glue box to base card at glue points. Close card to make sure it flattens properly. Or use the cheater method: first glue ONE tab to base card. Then apply glue to second tab and close card, aiming tab toward the glue point. This way you know the card will close properly!

Below, the left tab has been glued. Collapse the box, apply glue to the second tab, and close the card.

Tabs outlined for emphasis.