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A New Kind of Never-Ending Card

Once upon a time I made a Christmas card that folded shut in this really cool twist, re-created from vague memories of a wallet I had as a small child.

I kept meaning to write out a tutorial for it for Craftster. And then I never did. Probably because it's a pain in the heinie to fold and I thought no one would ever attempt it.

(Check out the re-folding directions I stuck in with them. Yikes!)

This morning I set out with great intentions of writing something down, but had one of those "something shiny" moments (this happens a lot) because I started to wonder what would happen if I changed the fold pattern inside out. Well, what happened was the box fell apart, whoops. Not so good. Except there were these cool little flippy pieces that could open up. So I cut and glued and fiddled and I think I invented something new! I'm calling it the 10-Faced Never-Ending Card. (Until someone comes up with something better, which, given the poorness of that name, should take about 5 minutes. I'm taking suggestions.)

Here's a teaser. I took all the pictures, so now I'm in no mood to write the directions.