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How to Make a Tunnel Book

This card is two tunnel books, hinged together in the middle, with a pop out back.
tunnel book
Top view to show accordion pleats.
tunnel book
Flattened view showing picture layers.

Tunnel Book Tutorial
Here is one way to make a tunnel book. In some versions the side accordions are made as a continuous fold, causing the middle picture layers to sit at an angle to the front of the card. See for example, the tunnels here. The method in this tutorial uses several accordions glued together so there is a straight center tab to glue the middle picture to.
Make side accordions. I used 8.5" x 11" black card stock. Cut paper in half to make two pieces 8.5" x 5.5". Cut three accordions from each piece, 5.5" x 2.75. There will be a little piece left over. You need 4 of these accordions per card.

Fold each accordion in half lengthwise. Flip over and fold the cut edges to meet the center fold.

Glue 2 accordions together. I like to use a rubber-cement-like "no wrinkle" paper glue. Clamp or press under a book and let dry completely.

Completed accordion showing middle tab.

Select your pictures and cut to size. These are (three pieces) from an 8.5" x 11" piece of writing paper cut into quarters. With the accordions we are using, the height needs to be 5.5". The width is up to you.

Cut out the center of the pictures. Be sure to leave enough picture on the sides to cover the accordion. I like to slide the picture into the accordion and use it as a cutting guide. You can leave a bridge of paper across the top if it suits your design.

Lay two accordions on the table with the center, glued together, tab facing up. Flatten accordions slightly so the outside flaps are flat on the table. Spread glue on flaps and glue in the bottom picture, lining up the edges of the picture with the fold. Set this picture in carefully as it will skew the card if it is crooked. Clamp and allow to dry.

Spread glue on the center tabs. Glue the middle picture, lining the edges up with the foldlines. Clamp and let dry.

Glue top picture to the tops flaps of the accordion. Clamp or press.

This is take from the bottom to show how the accordions look when it is glued together. (Emphasized in red).