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Deca-Card: 10 Faced Never-Ending Card

A new kind of never ending card. My own invention!

Now with a much better name: the Deca-Card. Not only apt, but a good pun. Thanks to reader "Crafty Granny" from Minnesota for the name!

This card has some similiarity to a star book and a regular never-ending card.

Top view.

Flattened card.Corners marked with A and B for clarity. Not a design element!

Match A to A and it opens right and left to show 4 faces.

Starting to open one face.

Open position showing first face.

Match B to B and it opens top to bottom to show four more faces. Add the multicolored front and back in the closed position and you have a total of 10 faces for pictures or embellishment!

How to make this card

Start with four rectangles of paper, twice as long as they are tall. I used half sheets of two-sided origami paper, 3" x 6".

These papers are a different color on the reverse side.

Fold each rectangle in half the short way.

Unfold and then fold each half of the rectangle diagonally as shown.

Fold up the outer corners on each side to meet the center as shown, then unfold. Pretend the colors are reversed in this picture. I changed my mind about which side I wanted as the "right side" after I took these pictures).

First one side...

then the other.

Unfold to this step.

Rectangles folded and ready to assemble. I have the completed card in the picture to help you see where the colors are going during assembly.

Turn one paper 90 degrees from the other and lay it on top as shown. Here pink is on top of yellow.

Turn another paper 180 degrees from the first one and lay it on top of the second one. (Orange on top of pink.)

Turn the last another 90 degrees and lay it on top. (Brown on orange.)

Lift up the flap from the first paper (yellow) and tuck the last piece (brown) under it.

Work around the circle, lifting each flap and gluing. Picture shows yellow flap lifted.

This picture shows orange flap lifted slightly.

Glue all four flaps.

Flip card over.

Fold each point in toward center, counterclockwise. First pink...

Then yellow...

then brown...

then orange.

Lift the last color slightly and lift up the flap under it. Tuck the last color (orange) under the first (pink).

It will look like this.

Lift each flap and glue under as you did on the front side. Glue all four flaps.

Let dry. Done!

I'm working on one with vacation photos for another post.

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