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How to Make Pop Up Cards - Word Variations - Lesson 8

Pop Up Words Part 2 (rectangular box with a crease across the word)

How to Make Pop Up Cards Tutorial
This is Lesson 8 in a series of step by step tutorials on How to Make Pop Ups. 

pop up cards words
Before starting this lesson you will want to review Lesson 2, the rectangular box.

As in Lesson 7, there will be a crease across the pop up word, and the letters are on the front and top (roof) of the pop up box. However, in this lesson you will shift the letters up or down from the center fold of the card, making a rectangular box rather than a square box. The crease moves away from middle of the words, making the letters a bit easier to read.

Vertical Letters: Print out (or draw your own) copy of the template, below.

Cut on grey lines. Do not cut around the letters yet (black lines and blue lines). Score and mountain-fold green lines. Score and valley-fold red lines. Use your finger, pushing from the back, to pop the box out, as in Lesson 1. Notice how most of each letter is on the front of the box, and a little is on the top of the box.

Side view. See the rectangular box?

Cut around the letters (blue and black cut lines) to complete pop up word.

Horizontal Letters: Print, cut and fold the template below.

Side view.

Remember these samples have the printing on the front of the cards for clarity. You will want to create a reverse of your pattern and print or trace it on the back of the card.

As in Lesson 7, the grey lines on the sample are optional. You may prefer the framed look that you get when they are cut, or the letters-only look when uncut.

How does this work? Briefly, the "roof" of the box and the distance the box pops out must be the same. Lesson 10 guides you through the creation of a pop up word card, start to finish.