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How to Make Pop Up Cards - V Fold - Lesson 3

Pop Up Card V fold

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The most basic, 45 degree angle, V fold.

Fold your paper in half. Draw a square with one side on the fold. Cut along the solid black line.

v fold pop up card

Fold and unfold along the dotted line to set the foldline.

how to make v fold pop up

Push out the pop up from the back.

This way, it looks like a vase or a spout or a bottom lip. Turned upside down it resembles a tree, or a skirt, a hat, a beak. Sideways it could be a megaphone or a telescope.

The V fold is actually a box with one short side and one long side. Try it! Draw a box pop up. Now shorten one side. Now try it with an even shorter side. Now so short there isn't a side at all. Oh look, it's a V fold!


Some examples

Vary the shape of the cut and the angle of the fold to make a heart or a nose.