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Rescued from the Trash

How steep is the learning curve on the Craft Robo? Pretty darn steep. Here I humbly follow the example set by one of my favorite bloggers, Erin at A Dress a Day, who likes to take a moment and show us the mess ups on her creations. So here's my mess!

I was trying for a stained glass effect but what I got was a teeny tiny spiderweb of black paper that barely held together. On the second try I decided to cut the design a little smaller and reverse it for a silhouette. What I got was a page of holes and a bunch of wing pieces. The whole pile almost went into the trash can, but I thought I would combine them, glue them to a backing paper and see where it went.

[Insert humming here while I cut around the outside and glue it all together.]

It's not great, but it's okay, and it actually looks a little better in real life than this picture.

Later, I did manage to cut out some joined together letters that stayed joined together. Progress?