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Easy Butterfly Pop Up Card

Here is the outside cover of the butterfly pop up card. Just a beautiful butterfly graphic printed out and glued to the front.

I downloaded copyright free graphics, the butterfly and flower background, from Wikimedia Commons. Here is the pattern. I printed it back-to-back, but you could print it twice and glue the pieces together. Size this jpg to fit on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper.

Cut out the pieces.

Be sure the cut the slots halfway up the butterfly bodies.

Slot the butterfly pieces together.

Fold in the tabs at the bottom of the white rectangles attached to the butterfly bodies.

Fold card background in half and open flat.

Flatten butterfly assembly.

Spread glue on the tabs.

Aligning imaginary centerline of butterfly bodies with fold line of card glue tabs to card. There is a similar construction at Pop That Card with illustration of the gluing sequence.

The finished card looks like this. (Side view showing the tabs.)