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Daffodil Pop Up Card Tutorial

The pop up mechanisms for this daffodil pop up card are similar to the one used for my Easter egg card.

 For the smaller flower the mechanism is exactly the same, only upside down. (The open part faces out on the flower, on the Easter egg it faced the card.) The larger flower differs in that the pop up part is open both facing the card and facing out.

Print out pattern, below, 8.5" x 11".

Cut out flower and trumpet pieces. Score and crease flower and trumpet pieces along green dotted lines.

Curl trumpet scallops outward slightly. I like to score the back of the flower down the center of each petal, and along the edges to give the flower a little shape.

Roll trumpet into a tube and glue together with side tab. Tab should be on the inside of the trumpet.

Insert bottom tabs through slits in flower and glue to the back of the flower piece.

Align flower fold with center fold of card and glue to card.

Here's the front.  No sentiment yet.