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Valentine Pop Up Card

Adapted from this design posted on Craftster. This is how it came out.

I made mine a little flatter (2 blocks high instead of 3) because it fit the glued on hearts around the edge better. (I glued a little heart on each of the pop up struts.)

They're supposed to look like the conversation hearts, and they cover up the white paper. Okay, but I thought it a background. I wished I had printed a very pale background of conversation hearts on the entire card inside BEFORE I cut it. So..I printed it out separately and glued it on. Much better.

Side view to show the pop up mechanism.

valentine pop up card
Finished the outside of the card. It's two sided paper that has the dark purple on one side and light on the other. Here is the cover of the card.

Here is the inside with the light purple edging. I thought the card needed to be trimmed a little smaller, too. DONE!

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