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2011 Extreme Christmas Card

Something Shiny

 Christmas 2011

The first post in a series, looking back at extreme cards of Christmas past.

I lost my original server space, so I am taking the opportunity to restore these older cards to my blog.  It's fun to look back!

The theme refers to the fact that Attention Deficit runs rampant in our family.  I credit my friend Liz for adding the phrase "something shiny" to our family lexicon.

The envelope

Embossed and decorated with iridescent stars.

The Card Front

The inside

I modified Ramin Razani's windmill spinner to make the star spinner,
click here to see video.
(Yuck, that video is terrible quality.  If I can dig up the card I'll make a new one.)

The inside says "Ohhhh.....something shiny!"
The design inspiration for the spinner came from here.


Our news letter is on the inside of the folded star. Direction for this star are here.

The back of the card 

There's the rest of the greeting from the front, and it had our contact information (removed here).

Index of Extreme Christmas Cards 
(Restoration of older cards to the list is a work in progress.)