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St. Patrick's Shamrock Fan Pop Up Card

Make a quick and easy pleated fan pop up card for St. Patrick's Day with a shamrock motif.

How to make a shamrock pop up fan card

Make it!

One piece of decorative paper, 8.5" x 11"

One piece of cardstock, 3" x 8.5"

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Choose a paper that is attractive on both sides as the back will be visible.

Cut the file.  Hand or machine score, or dot cut the fold lines. Green lines are cut lines, pink lines are fold lines.

Assembly will be familiar to anyone who has made a paper fan.  Pleat the paper vertically, with the center line of the shamrocks mountain (bumped up) folds.

In the next photo, notice the whole shamrock at the top left, and the half shamrock at the bottom left.

Fold the pleated paper in half along the horizontal fold line, with the whole shamrock and half shamrock in the center.  The stem (it looks almost white in the photo below) is a flap.  This is going to be a glue tab.

Glue the half shamrock into the back of the whole shamrock, aligning the leaves of the shamrock.

I found it was easiest to close the fan almost all the way and then work the two parts together.  You will be able to open the whole shamrock out enough to spread a little bit of glue on the half shamrock and close the whole shamrock around it.

The red arrows point to the whole shamrock that is opened, with the half shamrock nestled in the crease.

Close the fan and let it dry.

Cut a pieces of card stock, 3" X 8.5".  CUT in half, rather than folding it at the vertical center line.  You now have two pieces of card stock, 3" x 4.25".

Quick change to another sample....

The fan is glued to these two pieces of card stock as if they were a folded card.  The cut allows the card to open completely flat.

Center the fan on one card half, then slide the fold all the way to the center cut.

Spread glue on the fan.

Adhere the other card half on top.

Let this dry briefly.  Flip the card over, open the back, and glue the other half of the fan.

The pop up card will open completely flat.