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Crayon Box Pop Up Card

twenty four pack crayons birthday card pop up card

Crayon box birthday card, free template, cut files, printables for a cute and colorful card-in-a-box type of pop up card. It folds flat!

This papercraft 3D crayon box can be machine cut or hand cut.  Finished size approximately 5" tall.

How to make a crayon card-in-a-box

Make it!

Click to download file set: Silhouette Studio, PDF, SVG (how to use my SVG files in Cricut Design Space).

Files download for free.
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SVG files have sizing rectangles around each page (8.5" x 11").  Set the size of the pages, then delete these rectangles before cutting or printing.

Cutting the pieces

Cut box and pop up stut (page 1) from light orange card stock. Score crease lines.

Print the box front (page 2) on the same orange card stock and cut out.

crayons card in a box pieces

Construct a rectangular box pop up (the strut) from the small scored strip.

rectangular box pop up

box for pop up card

Print and cut out the crayons (page 3).

crayons ready to cut

cut crayons

On page 4 are some sample sentiments, including Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary, along with numbers.  If you would rather create your own, the matching font is Arial Bold.

Attaching the strut and crayons

Center one short side of the strut on the side panel of the crayon box, aligning the top edge of the strut with the top edge of the crayon box.  It doesn't have to be perfectly centered on the side panel, just eyeball it.  Adhere.

placement of pop up mechanism on crayon box

pop up mechanism adhered

Flatten the strut and the card.  Weight and allow drying time if you used liquid glue.

crayon box with strut adhered

put a weight on card

Try out arrangements of the two different crayon arrays until you are satisfied.

Spread glue on the inside of the back strut, as shown below.

adhere crayons to strut back

Slide the back crayon set inside the rectangular strut.

glue first row of crayons to pop up card

Apply glue to the front of the strut.

glue second row of crayons to pop up

Adhere the other crayon set to the front of the strut.  Close the card and make sure both crayon sets are straight.  Allow to dry.

align crayons in box

Open the card and flip the crayon sets to the left.

pop up anniversary card crayons

Adhere the matching sets of crayons to cover the white backs.

cover back of crayons on pop up card

Assembling the box

Flip the crayons back to the right-hand side.  Spread glue on the short side of the strut, and on the long box flap.

Close the crayon box over the crayons, tucking the long flap under the front of the box.

adhere tabs of pop up card

Adhere the printed box front to the card.

adhere crayon box card front

Print a sentiment and add it to the back of the box.

finished crayon box papercraft card

The first time I made this card I cut all of those crayon tips separately from paint chips, which was incredibly labor intensive.  Although I needed 3 rows--24 crayons--for my card, I think it works better with only two rows of crayons.

twenty four pack crayons birthday card pop up card

24 crayon pop up birthday card in a box