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Mixed Blessings Extreme Christmas Card

This year's extreme Christmas card theme is "mixed blessings," with our older child back home after graduating from college, and our younger one a sophomore.

Here is the front of the Christmas card with a selection of dubious gifts.

The border of presents is part of an Echo Park set called Happy Holidays.

The individual gift items were custom drawn for me by Erin Lux.

cover of extreme Christmas card

Here is the inside paper pop up house with one child leaving and one returning.

more blessed to give than to receive card

It IS more blessed to give than to receive. 

extreme pop up card

And the back, with the greeting.

The letter was printed on this paper.
Christmas tree stationery

Mailed in this envelope.

extreme Christmas card envelope

 The construction process

Cut out pieces, print envelopes and letters.  Print base card, trim and fold. 

(If you would like to make a pop up house card similar to this one, see this gingerbread house post.)

Glue house together.

pop up house assembly

 Add roof strut.

pop up house roof assembly

Glue roof to strut.

roof assembly on pop up house

Add kid flaps.

pop up house with elements attached

Christmas card about leaving home

detail of pop up house card

Use placement triangle to position the flattened house.

gluing template for pop up card

Glue one side, close the card, flip over, open the card, glue the other side.

gluing the house

Open the card to make sure it works.

another angle of pop up house card

Stuff the envelope and mail!  Now do this 90 times.

Then make 35 of the OTHER card.
Christmas tree sliceform from paper strips

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