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Little Red Schoolhouse Vellum House

This little paper schoolhouse is constructed much like the paper church

Perfect for a 3d village on a shelf.  Can be lighted with a battery operated tea light.  This design was adapted from a template on Little Glitter Houses.  This building measures approximately 3" wide and 4" deep.

How to make a paper little red schoolhouse

Make It!

Download cutting files: PDF, SVG, Silhouette Studio, DXF.

Cut out and score pieces.  Refer to the PDF if you are unsure of cut and score lines.  (Black lines are cut, red lines are score.)

Fold belfry into an open box and adhere with tab. Attach small roof to belfry.

Adhere belfry to schoolhouse roof.  The hole in the roof is to provide access to help you stick the tabs to the roof, and to allow light into the belfry from below.

Adhere schoolhouse wall pieces together with tabs.

Attach school roof to the building.

I made mine using 30 lb vellum paper from Jam Paper.

Any paper will work, however!
If you plan to use vellum, bear in mind that it is difficult to glue--some glues don't stick to vellum after they're dry, most wrinkle the paper, most will be visible.

I used double sided tape to assemble the schoolhouse.

Disclosure: Jam Paper provided samples of vellum for this project.  I received no other compensation. 

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