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Nov 12, 2011

Where's Waldo? Origami Star

where's waldo origami star
As I was working my way through a pile of discarded books the other day I started thinking that pages from a decrepit Where's Waldo book could be made into a fun origami star, if I could somehow work it so Waldo was visible on the front of the finished star.

I made up a plain paper star and scribbled across the front of it.
where's waldo origami star
Unfolded, I could see which parts of the template would be visible when the star was folded.
where's waldo origami star
The hardest part was finding Waldo on the pages! I'm really bad at this, it seems. Once I found a Waldo, I laid the template so the colored-in portion was on top of him.
where's waldo origami star
Then all I had to do was trace, cut, fold, and challenge people to find Waldo on the stars!
Important! As you follow the directions, notice that the right side (the side with Waldo) should be face down as you start folding the star.
where's waldo origami star
where's waldo origami star
If Waldo doesn't float your boat, try cutting the star from a magazine page, placing the template so a meaningful piece of text is positioned on one of the star arms.
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crayola58 said...

I love this....I am going to try it but I betcha my attempts will never be shown. You do such inspirational things for us to try.

coronaryrn said...

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Maggie said...

luv doing origami.
I would luv to invite you to share your talent with us at
Our readers will enjoy discovering your blog.
Happy Crafting,

Andi Sibley said...

Boy howdy my Puck would LOVE those stars!! :)