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Jun 3, 2011

Bad Break

waving paper doll mechanical card

A wanted to make a get-well mechanical card for my dental hygenist, who broke both her ankles. My original plan was something like this snow angel card from CornerstoneLAE, but I couldn't get the pull tab to work in a satisfactory manner. So, with time ticking away, I just left it out. You have to move an arm or leg yourself to create the motion.

mechanical card leg cast

For the paper doll base I began with the doctor paper doll file from Quilling Patch. I think the only parts I didn't change were the hands!

I was in such a hurry to send the card off that I didn't take pictures of the assembly process. Darn! I'll have to remake it for the tutorial. Not TODAY!

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Crayola58 said...

This is a really cute card for a bad situation. I know your dental hygenist is going to love it. I broke both of my ankles but they were 4 years apart and that was bad enough.

Anonymous said...

Really cute card. Can you possibly explain how the original mechanism that didn't work out for you is supposed to be assembled as well when you give us the tutorial? Ta so very much for sharing your beautiful creations. Cheers x

Carol said...

If I knew how it should have been assembled I would have done it!

I'll show you the "fail." And how I thought it would work, but it didn't.

Anonymous said...

that would be great. cheers x

Angie Padilla said...

Debbie, I've just come over from the SITS31DBBB craft group to take a peek and say hi. I don't know anything about card making, but your cards sure look like fun!

Angie Padilla said...

Ooops, so sorry! I meant Carol!!! Not Debbie. I got you confused. I apologize profusely. :)

Sonia Barton said...

wow, two broke ankles. I'm sure she'll appreciate your card and all the time spent. People always tell me don't point out your flaws and people won't notice them. We are our worst critics.

It looks great. Visiting from the Craft group SITS 31 DBBB.

Trisha said...

Great card idea! I love moving parts that are simple to do. Thank you!