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Oct 22, 2010

Halloween Kirigami Pop Up Card

halloween kirigami

Last year I saw this kirigami card by aiai too late to try it, and this year I almost forgot again!

I modified the ghosts on her pattern a little.

You can hand cut these, but I redrew the template to make a full-size version and sent it to the Craft Robo. I used origami paper, which is black on only one side. The Robo had a little trouble cutting this thin paper at the bat wing tips.

halloween kirigami

How to make a kirigami snowflake card

Copy template (scroll down after you click the link) and cut out the snowflake.

Fold the bats:

1. With the white side of the paper face up, fold each bat toward the center of the paper, folding across the bottom of the bat. You now have black bats showing against the white paper.

halloween kirigami

Back view.

halloween kirigami

2. Fold up at the neck.

halloween kirigami

3.Fold down between the ears.

halloween kirigami

halloween kirigami

Pre-crease the cross folds.

halloween kirigami

halloween kirigami

Fold the snowflake as if you were making an origami waterbomb base.

Glue into a card:

halloween kirigami

1. Arrange the folded spiderweb with the center point at the center of the card fold. 2. Run glue (I used tape runner) along the solid center line of the folded piece. 3. Close card. 4. Turn over, open card and apply glue to the other solid center line of the spiderweb piece. Close card to glue.

halloween kirigami

Need more help putting this together?

Assembly photos from aiai.

A flower card folded and glued in the same manner, by Mary Beth Cryan.

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Dr. Russ said...

Could you do a post describing your Craft Robo machine? What model do you have, would you upgrade, pluses and minuses, etc. I am interested in getting a Craft Robo (currently I have a wishblade) and I am trying to decided if I should switch over. Thanks--russ

cpeep said...

I have a C200-20.

As far as I know the Wishblade IS a Craft Robo! I believe the only difference is the software, and you can get the Robo software free from Graphtec. Readers? Am I wrong on this?

I've come to believe that the hardware is less important than knowing how to use your software WITH your cutter.

If I were buying a new cutter I would get one that was wider (to cut 12" wide paper).

I consider myself fairly computer savvy, but it took me a looooong time to feel any sense of competence with the machine. Lots of trial and error. Mostly error!


Jan scrap said...

Fun card, thanks for sharing.
Someone sent me this interesting link and I immediately thought of you, have you seen this?

cpeep said...

Wow, Jan, no I had never seen those. Crazy!

Debbie Pamment said...

Another FUN project Carol!!! Now I have my robo up and running I'm going to be stalking you more - I'll be nice - LOL.
Nice to know you have the same robo model I do - it gives me confidence!!!
Thanx again for the treat cones patterns - I have made them and they are FABULOUS! I'm using them for challenge inspiration on my blog on 27th - hope they bring you HEAPS of new followers - you deserve them!

cpeep said...

Thanks, Debbie! Post the link when you're ready :)


Crayola58 said...

I love this batty pop up card with the intricate webbing design. Great card, wonderful tutorial.