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Feb 9, 2010

Woven Paper Heart Ornament

Most people are familiar with the basket woven hearts, like these by Margit Ammentorp.

Here's a different kind of woven heart made from paper strips.

Cut four paper strips. Mine are 1/2" wide by 8.5" long.

Fold each strip in half.

Weave together the strips into an interlocked center square. First, place #1 horizontally with the fold to the right. Place #2 vertically, fold at the top, around #1. (The bottom layer of #2 goes under #1 and the top layer of #2 goes on top of #1.)

woven paper heart

Place #3 horizontally, fold to the left, around #2.

woven paper heart

Last, place #4 vertically, fold to the bottom, around #3 and through the loop of #1. Pull loose ends to tighten.

woven paper heart

woven paper heart

Fold both #2 layers up.

woven paper heart

Fold only the top layer of #1 to the right.

woven paper heart

Fold only the top layer of #4 down.

woven paper heart

Fold both layers of #3 to the left, through the loop of #2.

woven paper heart

woven paper heart

Turn the piece over, horizontally. Strip #2 and #4 should still be at the top and the two #1 pieces to the left and right. Strip #3 should be pointed to the right.

Fold #4 up and through loop of #1.

Fold #1 to the right and through loop of #2.

woven paper heart

Make a loop from the better looking #3 strip and tuck behind the pocket next to it on the left.

(This is actually a picture of the last loop being made from strip #4, but it's in the same position as #3 would be. Wrong color, though. :) )woven paper heart

Trim off the other #3 strip. JUST THE ONE STRIP. (The one coming out of the same place.) If you prefer, you can use both strips to make the loop. I think it's too bulky.

woven paper heart

Trim any excess at the end of the strip #3 if it protrudes from the bottom of the pocket.

Make a loop from one #2 strip and tuck it into the pocket to its left. Trim away the extra strip. Trim the bottom of strip #2 is needed.

woven paper heart

Turn the heart over, make two more loops at the top in the same way.

This is what it looks like from the top.

woven paper heart

woven paper hearts


Crayola58 said...

Fantastic...!! What a darling little heart bag or ornament.

Katarzyna / Kathryn said...

Thanks for showing....I am going to make....

Karin said...

I'll have to try this, as always you have great patterns and tutorials. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutortial. I tried it and it turned out great. You're an awesome papercrafter.

xXJanelizXx said...

(: I made the 'Paper Heart' and it came out so cute ^-^ thankss so much! ~God Bless You!~

Magnaslinger said...

Well first of all...THANK YOU your tutorials are AWESOME!!! i could never follow video's so i'm glad i found you. I am doing work for a Charity ..Sanctuary 4 Kid's. My favorite actress Amanda Tapping started it in 2009 and i'm making things for it. The Itsy Bisty Books are perfect because they cancelled SG-1 and Sanctuary so i'm going to make memory books. AGAIN THANK YOU and your site will get the credit so other people can enjoy it also. Elaine