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Dec 6, 2009

Origamic Architecture St. Basil's

I'm about halfway through cutting out the 700 cookie pieces I need for this year's Christmas card.

In the meantime, I bring you a pop up card design I cut from Willem's origamic architecture site, a highly recommended site.

Since I have a Craft Robo, I love that his templates open as vector files--cutting machine ready. Black lines for cutting, blue and red lines for scoring. (I suggest removing any of the extremely short score lines before sending it to the cutter.) A bit challenging to fold!

pop up card St. Basil's

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pop up card Christmas tree

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Anonymous said...

I have a Cricut cutting machine. Can you provide directions on how we would cut his patterns on it? I'm new to this and would love to use some of his lovely patterns on cards. Thanks in advance.


cpeep said...


For my machine, I open the PDF, save it as a DXF and then import it into my cutting software.

For Cricut, you would need to OMIT the score lines and go back and hand score them, I believe.

But let me send you to the Cricut experts. There is a forum at Craft Edge...I'm sure someone can give you exact directions...assuming you have Sure Cuts A Lot?



Crayola58 said...

Fantastic....it is always a delight to visit your blog...and you are always very helpful.

Kim said...

Thank you! I love this link! Always inspiration to be found from you!!!!

Studio V said...

Simply beautiful! Could you recommend me the tools required to cut this card? Does this have a template that would work with Sizzix BigKick Machine? I am scrap booker trying to introduce scrapbooking in India since 2006. Please do visit my blog - skstudiov.blogspot.com!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Wonderful! I have a digital cutter now, so there may be hope for me and pop up, yet. ;o) Hope you're doing well! Your projects are certainly looking amazing! hugs, mel

wizrdeye said...

I am curious, how you saved a PDF to a DXF. I have the full version of acrobat reader 8. I would really like to know how to go from PDF to DXF cause I have a silouette machine which is the american version of the robocraft, uses the same robo master software. Thank you for your time and help and great patterns.

cpeep said...

You can use Inkscape for PDF to DXF. I believe I had to add some Plug Ins to make it work. Read more here:

My program of choice is actually CorelDraw, however.