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Sliceform Christmas Ornament

Second try! I changed some of the slot positions. It's a little more stable.

I have checked the templates about a zillion times. For some reason not all of the slots are saving between formats. I THINK they are all there now, but if something's missing it's not you! Let me know if something is amiss.

Download PDF

Download DXF page 1; DXF page 2

I added the candle details and the glitter before I assembled the ornament. I'm on the fence about whether it would have been less messy to glitter at the end. It's up to you.

Assemble from the middle out: largest two pieces slotted together at their centers, then add the medium size pieces, then the smallest.

The flat side of the "cut-off" pieces face the front.

You will see that the sides of the smallest pieces have to go in a closed slot. I fold up the two bottom tabs on each small piece, slide through and then unfold. (See the fish bowl sliceform for another picture of this.)

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