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Sliceform Fish Bowl

sliceform fish bowl


I've been kicking around the goldfish bowl idea for awhile. There are a couple standard fishbowl shapes out there. The first one I tried was much rounder and it looked too much like an upside down hot air balloon. I like this flattened oval a lot better.

How to make a sliceform fish bowl

Make and decorate the pieces
Download, print and cut out two copies of each piece.

I colored my fishbowl pieces very lightly with a cotton ball dabbed on a blue ink pad.
Add plants or grass. I used the Martha Stewart branch punch to make coral.
For an SVG file of the branch (for Cricut with SCAL software) run over to Kristys Vinyl Kreations N More.

Glue plants to one or both sides of the base of the large ovals, avoiding slot areas. Glue pieces to only ONE side of the base of the smaller ovals. If you add plants to the side pieces you can put them on either side of the larger rectangle but again, only one side of the smaller rectangle. (The smaller oval and the smaller rectangle form the outer edge of the fish bowl. If you glue plants on both sides it looks like the plants are outside the fish bowl.)
Create a fish and attach to the top of one of the larger ovals. I made two: a goldfish and a clown fish.

I used two mirror-image fish and sandwiched clear fishing line between them. The thread is attached to the top with a piece of tape and covered by a small piece of card stock.
Or, if you are using thick card stock you can attach the thread invisibly using this method.
Assemble the sliceform
I tried several assembly sequences. This is the one I like best.
Slot together large ovals and large rectangles.

Add smaller rectangles. Be sure the plants are facing toward the inside.

Slot on smaller ovals. Again, be sure the plants are facing toward the inside. Slide the top tab of the smaller oval through the end slot on the small rectangle. Fold up the bottom tab and push it through the slot. Unfold.

Yes, it folds flat!