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How to Make Pop Up Cards - Diagonal Square Box - Lesson 21

How to Make a Diagonal Square Box Pop Up Card

How to Make Pop Up Cards Tutorial
This is Lesson 21 in a series of step by step tutorials on How to Make Pop Ups. 

An square box turned at a 45° angle on the card base.

how to make pop up cards


From a long rectangle, make a pattern. Sketch four equal length rectangles. Add tabs on the bottom of two adjacent sides, and a tab at one short end. Cut out and score, then glue the short ends together to form a square open box.

Measure the length of the sides and lightly sketch a square of the same size on the card base, turned on the diamond as shown on template. Glue the box tabs to the card base.
You can also make the box rectangular. When it is glued into the crease of the card it will sit to one side of the center line.

I put a roof on it and made a gingerbread house.