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Apr 21, 2014

Vellum Paper Houses


I was recently gifted with an assortment of vellum paper from Jam Paper. I've been meaning to make some little paper houses and this was a perfect opportunity!

The vellum comes in different weights.  I used 30 lb paper, 8.5" x 11" sheets.  It's unfortunate that you can't order this by the sheet--it comes in packages of 100.  However, you can order sample sheets for the cost of shipping, which is about $3. 

There are numerous sources for 3d paper house templates or cut files.  Do yourself a favor, though, if you're working with vellum.  Don't pick anything too complicated!  Once I get the house, school, and church files cleaned up and converted to the SVG and Studio format I'll post them.

Church files are up!

Vellum is difficult to glue--some glues don't stick to vellum after they're dry, most wrinkle the paper, most will be visible.

3d vellum paper house

I switched to double sided glue tape after assembling my first house with regular glue because it ended up like this, all wrinkly.

My inspiration for these houses came from Little Glitter Houses.  After drawing one house it's simple enough to resize the house, move windows and doors, change the roof line, vary the proportion of the sides of the house, and so forth, to make a village of slightly different houses.

You can see the similarity between the church and the schoolhouse.  The steeple is the same but the steeple roof is different.  I made the school more square, and smaller.

The green roofed house and the blue roofed house are just slightly differently proportioned.  I changed the door location from front to side and flattened the roof line on the one with the green roof.

Disclosure: Jam Paper provided samples of vellum for this project.  I received no other compensation.  All opinions are my own.

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Gail said...

Thanks for the inspiration and tips - love the idea of tape vs. glue and ordering sample vellum sheets. You're the best!

Scrappycath said...

Awesome project!

Alicia Hall said...

This is so cool! I could never pull off something so neat and detailed. Thanks for sharing!