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Jan 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Paper Cut Lantern Tutorial

I made this as a birthday card, but you could swap out the "Happy Birthday" section for another flowered section if you would like a lantern without a sentiment.

paper cut birthday lantern

How to make a paper cut lantern

Download cutting file PDF or DXF or SVG. (Can you find the mistake on mine that I fixed for you? Hint: bird.)

Cut on black lines. Score along red lines (you'll have to eyeball them on the SVG). Save the tiny inside parts of the following letters: A, P, P, B, R, D, A.

Cut translucent (vellum) paper to fit inside lantern. I used three separate pieces. You can extend the vellum to the top of the windows or cut it shorter, as I did. Trim carefully so the edges don't overlap the vertical creases on the inside of the lantern. Glue vellum pieces to the inside of the lantern.

Glue the little letter pieces in place on the vellum on the outside of the lantern.

Crease the score lines, curling the lantern into a triangular tube.

Fold in the "ears" on the (left) side tabs and slide the tabs through the (right) slits. Unfold the tabs.

happy birthday lantern

The bottom flaps fold up to make a flat base.

birthday scherenschnitte

Gather the top circles and tie together with a ribbon.

Place over tealight. This view is from the top.

birthday cut paper lantern

Credit for the window shape and birds goes to Cindy, from this file. I found the flower motif here.

paper cut lantern

If you like this design, you would enjoy this book, Silhouette Style: Techniques and Template Sets for Papercut Projects, which I recently purchased. It comes complete with all the cutting files on a CD!

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Myrna said...

I finally got it to download and so I am very happy.
Thanks so much.

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh I love this and am going to give it a try! Maybe you could add a little butterfly, flower or pearl on your oopsie and it will look like you meant to do that!

Clare D. said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Carole Beath said...

This is, as always, a fantastic share, Carol. You do the most awesome sharing for we visitors.

Linda Hardesty said...

So beautiful. Thank you so much!!!

gail said...

Thanks for sharing this. I can't wait to try it. It's really pretty.

jill said...