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Jul 11, 2008

Flag Book

I was looking at a flag book the other day and was struck by the design's potential as a base for a pop up. What's a flag book?

It looks like this when it's opened.
(Design by Hedi Kyle, considered to be the inventer of the flag book.)

It reminded me of this origamic architecture piece by Paul Jackson.

And then I saw this one by Karen Hanmer which is called a flag book, but looks like it's trying to be a pop up card.

Before I started fiddling with accordion folded paper and little shapes I had to make a sample to really get how it worked. (Spatial relations is not my strong point). I decided to use some pictures from an old family album.

This is the cover.

And the inside.

 This would be a great card for Mother's Day, Father's Day, a special birthday, or an engagement.

There is no shortage of tutorials for flag books. The easiest instructions I found were from the Booklyn Artists Alliance and from Art, Books, and Creativity. There is a highly detailed and somewhat technical version from The Bonefolder, an e-journal for book binders and book artists.
I'm off the cut, fold, and glue. Stay tuned.


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I have a suprise over on my blog for you....i just love all your creativity...Valita

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