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Nov 8, 2009

Christmas Tree Tealight

christmas tealight

A little fold up tree that lights up with a battery operated tealight. Obviously, do NOT use a real flame inside. This tree is sized to fit a 1.5" diameter tealight. I found them 2/$1 at the dollar store.

They're available from Amazon, too.

Download pattern.

christmas tealight


DXF tree, DXF stars

GSD tree, GSD stars

Cut tree and stars from contrasting colors of paper. I used a predictable green and yellow. If you are cutting by hand, use a hole punch to cut the little circles on the sides of the tree.

christmas tealight

christmas tealight

One at a time, fold each tree piece in toward the center triangle, then unfold. Set in the creases firmly by running your fingernail or a bone folder over the folds.

christmas tealight

Unfold the tree piece and flip to the right side. (All the creases will be mountain folds: bumped up.)

Line up the top point of each star with the top point of each tree piece. Notice the position of the slots when the star is in the correct position.

Glue each star to the point of each tree section and allow to dry.

christmas tealight

Pull the tree sections up to form the top of the tree.

Slot together stars of two sides. Insert tea light and slide the last star in place.

christmas tealight

christmas tealight

To access tea light, push down slightly on the top of the tree until the sides bow out.

christmas tealight

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