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Jun 5, 2009

Five Pointed Origami Star

origami star
I love that this star is neatly finished and attractive on both front and back.

Update: March 2013. It has recently come to my attention that this design should be credited to Tomoko Fuse. I haven't been able to find it in a published work--can anyone confirm this?
origami star
The secret? Start with a pentagon shaped piece of paper, not a square. (Mine just fits on a 7" square of origami paper.)
origami star
How to make a five pointed star with pentagon shaped origami paper
Start with a pentagon shaped piece of paper. Cut your paper precisely as any deviation will show in the finished star.

Download PDF set of pentagon templates in various sizes.

Cutting files for machine cutting here.

Fold the pentagon in half down the center of any point. Unfold. Repeat for each point of the pentagon.

origami star

Pull one flat side toward the center of the paper, keeping the center fold line aligned. Note that you are not aligning the center point of this flat side with the center of the piece of paper. You are sliding the center of the flat side up the center fold line a bit. (The center of the paper is just about where the point of the bottom red arrow is.)

origami star

When the side points intersect the fold lines as shown, stop and hold in place.

origami star

Crease across the bottom, just between the fold lines.

origami star

Repeat for each of the five sides. When you are done the folds will form a small pentagon around the center of the paper.

origami star

Fold each point in half, working toward the inner (small) pentagon.

origami star
origami star
origami star

Flip the paper over and pinch the corners of the (small) pentagon to make sure they are well creased.

origami star

Flip back to the front side.
Start pushing the folded corners to the left, working around the circle until they all flatten.

As you are flattening the star you are creating a new set of folds around the center. These folds were not precreased. You can see me flattening them down to form that center rosette.

origami star

Turn the star over.

origami star

Pre-crease each star point.

origami star

Fold each point in half, matching the center of the star with the folded up angle,

origami star

and the side of the star point with the fold line indicated. Unfold.

origami star

Fold the star points in, one at a time, working in a counter-clockwise directions.

origami star

origami star

origami star

origami star

When you get to the last fold you will need to tuck it into the first one, making sure none of the folds get crumpled in the process.

origami star

I unfold the first one slightly, make sure the folds on it are smooth, tuck the last point inside and then rub my finger back and forth inside the join to smooth the folds.

origami star

origami star

Next post: how to make a pop up card with origami stars!

origami star

Where's Waldo origami star
where's waldo origami star

(zero)seven's printable star and video instructions


fabie said...

Thanks for this tutorial. I love the star.

Katie said...

I left you an award on my blog. Stop by and pick it up.


Edi said...


Agradeço seu tutorial.
Ficou muito bom.
Fiz uma versão para impressão e postei no meu blog:
Uma ótima semana pra vc.
Até logo

Café Couture said...

whow! thanks a lot!

Patty said...

Totally fascinating. Good instructions. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I saw these stars in a shop all strung together as a decoration and they looked lovely but were quite expensive, so thank you for showing me how to make them - a lovely decoration and some money saved too!

Veroka said...

Excelente tutorial! muy bien explicado el paso a paso.

Origami Folding Instructions said...

Thanks for the tutorial! There are indeed many different ways to make a star. One of my favourite is "Patriotic Origami Star" which you can easily search for it online. This one looks great and easy to make too. Will try this out later!

foldyouso.com said...

Thanks for a great tutorial! Just wanted to let you know that I linked to this post on my blog http://www.foldyouso.com. I hope that is OK by you :)

Have a nice evening!

-Vera :)

Carol said...

Thanks Vera!

Katie Loves to Teach said...

Thank you bunches for these instructions! I just love the stars, am excited to make a Christmas garland! I plan to use this in my Math Methods class for Elementary Education next semester. The kids will love it!

Les said...

Wow excellent looking tutorials! I have always utterly failed at any and all attempts paper folding. I do think using your star tute I might achieve success! I just need to find my origami paper which I have from prior fails! So excited !!!!! THANKYOU !!!!

claude minipatouillis said...

thank you, it's the season

arablue said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. The stars are gorgeous and your pictures are really clear about each step. I'm off to make some now!

alinelegall said...

Even in Paris your stars are bright! thanks a lot :o)

Jan Castle said...

TFS how to make this wonderful star!! !

claude said...

merci pour les explications de cette belle étoile

pont des lions said...

The best tutorial I have found! Thank you from France.

Pins Baratos said...

It seems very difficult at tthe begining.