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May 15, 2008

How to Make Pop Up Cards - V Fold - Lesson 3

Tutorial Level of Difficulty: Easy

V fold

The most basic, 45 degree angle, V fold.

Fold your paper in half. Draw a square with one side on the fold. Cut along the solid black line.

Fold and unfold along the dotted line to set the foldline.

Push out the pop up from the back.

This way, it looks like a vase or a spout or a bottom lip. Turned upside down it resembles a tree, or a skirt, a hat, a beak. Sideways it could be a megaphone or a telescope.

The V fold is actually a box with one short side and one long side. Try it! Draw a box pop up. Now shorten one side. Now try it with an even shorter side. Now so short there isn't a side at all. Oh look, it's a V fold!


Some examples

Vary the shape of the cut and the angle of the fold to make a heart or a nose.

Tree and mouth from Robert Sabuda 

Frog from Bill Glaister, University of Lethbridge Curriculum Laboratory

Another way to make a heart from Origami Resource Center 

A flower vase from Enchanted Learning

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