Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: Jul 9, 2010

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Jul 9, 2010

Pyramid Rubber Band Pop Up

I love math. Maybe you already figured that out. So when I can combine my obsession with paper with some math, well, you can imagine it makes my day.

What can you make with a rubber band pop up pyramid? Other than the obvious Christmas tree?

You can make a pyramid "globe". It makes my head hurt when I think about it too hard.

I got the map from Carlos Furuti's site.

pop up pyramid

You can make a kick-butt CD holder with a few design modifications. Be sure to use heavy card stock and strong rubber bands.

How to assemble a rubber band pop up pyramid

pop up pyramid

Print template.

Cut around the outline of the whole template but do not cut in around the hooks yet. Score dotted lines.

Fold the A tabs toward the center and glue down on top of the hooks. Let dry completely, and I do mean completely. If you cut the hooks when they're damp you will permanently weaken the paper fibers.

Cut around the hooks and cut away the triangles in the center of the hooks.

Holding the pyramid in the closed position (the hooks will nearly touch), measure the distance between the hooks.

pop up pyramid

Knot a piece of elastic thread into a loop that just fits between the hooks. Loop the elastic through one hook.

pop up pyramid

This is the kind of elastic thread that I use.

pop up pyramid

Flatten the pyramid so it looks like an envelope. Glue B1 and B2 together, C1 and C2 together, with the B and C tabs folded into the inside of the envelope. (Hooks not shown).

pop up pyramid

pop up pyramid

Grab the elastic with a crochet hook or needle nose pliers. Close the piece as much as you can and stretch the elastic over the second hook.

pop up pyramid

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