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Nov 28, 2009

Rubber Band Pop Up Cube

rubber band pop up cube
I probably get 2-3 emails a week inquiring about rubber band pop ups. The best book I know on the subject, Up Pops by Mark Hiner, is out of print and there is little information to be found on the Internet.

Here is a template, closely modeled on Hiner's design, for the rubber band powered pop up cube.

Download PDF.
Print on sturdy card stock. The printed lines are on the wrong side of the piece, but since we need to see them as we work, I will refer to the printed side as the "front" and the plain side (the right side) the "back." Just to keep you on your toes! Also, notice some numbers are "b" and some are "f". That means the glue goes on the back or the front of that flap.
Cut on black lines EXCEPT around the rubber band loops.
rubber band pop up cube
Score on red and green lines.
Fold the re-inforcing squares to the back side and glue. Let dry completely.
rubber band pop up cube
Once the glue is dry, cut out around the hooks. It is crucial that these little hooks be strong. If they seem at all wiggly-woggly, add another square of reinforcement to them, let dry, cut out. Seriously, don't cut them until the glue is dry or the paper will be permanently weakened.
rubber band pop up cube
Glue the backs of the #2 flaps together, folding on the diagonal green line to make them meet. (Remember, that would be right sides together.)
rubber band pop up cube
rubber band pop up cube
Do the same for the #3 flaps.
rubber band pop up cube
Attach a rubber band or loop of elastic thread to one hook. For this template the elastic band need to be 3" in diameter. I have found the 1mm elastic thread by Darice works well. At my store it was with jewelry supplies.
rubber band pop up cube
Glue the back of flap 4b to the front of 4f. Repeat for 5b and 5f.
rubber band pop up cube
Glue the back of 6b to the front of 6f. It's easiest to do this if you flatten the piece completely with the #6 flaps in the center.
rubber band pop up cube
Now comes the fun part. With the cube almost completely closed, work the other end of the elastic onto the other cardboard hook. Try using long tweezers or needle-nosed pliers.
rubber band pop up cube
Video directions by Norm. He recommends attaching the rubber band before gluing the last side. Why didn't I think of that?

If the thought of making this cube makes you want to run screaming for the hills, you are in luck!
Whitney Woods, long a custom supplier of pop up and interactive advertising pieces, has ventured into the craft supply market. Their goal is not to duplicate products already widely available, but to fill the niche market for pop up and mechanical card creators.
pop up cube
Of particular interest are their blank rubber band activated pop ups. Currently available are cubes, a pyramid and an oblong box. All come with a sturdy mailer.
Be sure to check out their selection of rubber bands, magnets, and springs.
The downside for U.S. residents is that they are located in the United Kingdom.
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