Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: Feb 12, 2011

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Feb 12, 2011

Valentine Paper Crafts from Other Places

If you're like me, you're always on the look-out for new and fun things to make. Here are a few valentine ideas from a recent prowl around the Web.

Woven Cones and Hearts

I am proud to say that I suggested this design :0 on Papermatrix. Be sure to have a look at the heart baskets, too.

Venus Valentine Trap by Zerolabor

I ♥ Earth by dmswart on flickr

Before you scratch your head about this one, look at the shape of the pieces. I can think of lots of different ways to decorate all those little hearts!

I ♥ Earth

Valentine Wreath from Paper Strips

This picture is from Arts for Life, but I like the instructions at 4 Crazy Kings better.


Origami Winged Heart

I saw one like this at this origami gallery, which has dozens of origami heart folds, but no folding instructions.

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