Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: Apr 11, 2009

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How to Make Pop Up Cards

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File Formats

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Apr 11, 2009

Cricut (SCAL?) Tester Wanted

I might have cracked the file conversion problem (I have Craft Robo, not Cricut) but I need someone to try the SVG file I created. I think you need SCAL to use an SVG file on the Cricut, right?

Anyone out there willing to try this on your Cricut and see what it does?

Here's what I want to know: first off, does it load and cut? What happens to the text...does it stay as text or does the Cricut try to cut it? If so, can you remove it before cutting?

Download file here.

Report back by leaving a comment on this post, okay?

That was fast!

Thanks, Angela, for the information about text. I will update the file to remove the text. I think this means that if you have SCAL and Inkscape, you can load ANY of the files I have provided in PDF form, remove the text, save as SVG, and cut on your Cricut. BONUS files!

Peek Inside Sliceform Egg

sliceform egg

A variation of the Plain and Simple Sliceform Egg.

I made a lattice version of the egg, left off the front Small B piece, and cut away the front edges of all the A Pieces.

sliceform egg template

sliceform easter egg

Similar to a tunnel book, I glued scenery and the dog to the interior ribs and back of the egg (before assembly).

Here's one that Suzanne made for her son's wedding.

sliceform wedding egg