Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: Jan 19, 2009

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Jan 19, 2009

Inauguration Pop Up Card

Check out this printable Obama pop up card to commemorate the inauguration, designed by Carol Barton, author of The Pocket Paper Engineer books.

If you missed her "put your candidate in the White House" pop up you can download it here.

The new one is available from her site and from the Washington Post, where it is supposed to run Tuesday morning.
Link to Carol Barton's site.
Link to the Washington Post.
I have been checking for the last couple days and the link is now active on her site. Yay, time to make it before tomorrow.
I decided to reduce the size of this pop up to 75%. It's very large! When I cut out the sky piece, I left some of the blank paper at the bottom , created a tab the whole width of the sky piece and glued this to the "ground" piece rather than taping them together. I also made the bottom tabs on the Capital building and the people a little wider to make sure they would cover the printed "place tab here" places. The printing on Tabs B,C, E,and F is visible on the finished card, so I printed out another "sky" piece and cut little rectangles to cover them. It would be easier to do this before assembly!