Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: Dec 5, 2008

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Dec 5, 2008

Instant Christmas--Just Add Water

Time for the wonderful, the strange, the slightly bizarre. (Because those darn Christmas cards still aren't done). I went searching for Christmas items that do something when you add water. How's that for a theme?

Let's start with the old favorite. Thanks to my friend Gael at Pop Culture Junk Mail for this one. Great minds must be thinking alike this week. (You can buy one from TV Products 4 Less).

Magic Christmas Tree
 I have one of these hanging around somewhere. I think mine came from Oriental Trading, although I couldn't find them on their site during a cursory look. They are available from Armchair World, and maybe at the Dollar Store.

There's a really fancy (and better looking one) at Online Science Mall. They have a snowman, too.

I might have to get one of these, that's pretty cool.

Grow a Christmas Tree
You can grow a REAL tree in this package from DealExtreme.

Miracle Snow
This stuff just looks weird.

Blooming Tea

Place the rosette in hot water and watch it unfold as your tea steeps. But how does it taste? Available from Margaret's Fine Imports.

And finally, how about some Snowman Soup?

A fancy name for fancy hot chocolate. You can buy some in a cute mug from A Bountiful Harvest, or make your own. One place to get a free recipe is Teaching Heart.