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Jul 25, 2008

How to Make Pop Up Cards - More X Forms - Lesson 15

Using What You Know to Make Pop Ups: X Forms

Time to look at some real pop up cards!

pop up cards fish

This fish card pop up is an X form card with the glue points shifted toward the center of the card. I had to move the glue points to keep the fish from poking out of the side of the card when it was closed. I could have used a wider card, but I didn't have a wider card!

pop up cards fish side view

The "slot" on the coral is a somewhat large cut-out with a V shaped bottom. On the fish the slot is a small notch that nestles into the V.

You can see how the X does not flatten all the way when the card is opened flat, like Sample 5 from 
Lesson 5.

----- Here is a lovely design by A'Lona at Scrapbook Sensations from a Robert Sabuda pattern.

The two halves of the butterfly form the X. The "slots" are V shaped cuts. The butterfly is attached with tabs slotted through the base card. See Lesson 5, Sample 3. 

----- This X-form butterfly is attached with elongated (and visible) tabs. The pattern is here.

This X is a little different in that it does not use a box as its underlying structure, but a V fold.

I modified a pattern by Hiroko for Canon. More about this card on a previous post.
----- How about an X-form that stands by itself? A beautiful card by Sarabande.

----- Can you imagine what happens to an X-form as you shorten the slots? The shorter the slots, the more an X form begins to resemble a flag book.

The accordion base is a series a box attachments!

Can you pick out the Xs? This is half way between a flag book and a pop up. The "flags" are cut from the accordion instead of being glued on.

Design by aiai_paperflicker from a pattern by Marivi.

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