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Jun 2, 2008

How to Make Pop Up Cards - V Fold Tabs and Slots - Lesson 6

How to Make Pop Up Cards, Tutorial Level of Difficulty: Medium

Tabs and slots work the same way on a v-fold mechanism as they do on a box (see lesson 5). You can glue the tabs so they are visible, hidden or slotted. You can make the mechanism flatter or taller by sliding the tabs further from, or closer to, the center fold of the card.

Sample 1: Basic V-fold (with visible tabs.) When the card is opened completely the V is flat against the card.

Sample 2: Tabs rotated toward the center of the card. When the card is opened completely the V stands up from the card.

Sample 3: Tabs rotated away from the center of the card. The V fold becomes flat before the card opens completely.

Bonus: Change the angle of the V or try an asymmetrical V-fold.

how to make v fold pop ups

Here are some examples of V-folds cut separately from the base card.

Flower by Mary Beth Cryan. Tutorial on her site.

Christmas card by Pamela Anzalotti

Christmas Tree and Bouquet by Nilder Furtado

Check out this free pop up design program download and documentation developed by Susan Hendrix that lets you expand a bit on the models we have covered so far. You can change angles, positions, and dimensions on your pop up mechanisms and then generate a virtual model and printable pattern. I haven't played around with it much so would be interested in hearing your experience with it if you try it.

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