Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: May 29, 2008

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May 29, 2008

Completed 7 Flower Throw Down

In search of some inspiration for the seven flower pop up card throw down.  Luckily, a gardening catalog came in the mail the other day, just full of beautiful bulbs, including these lilies. Even the Artiste in the house said, "Hey, did you draw these? They're pretty good." That's high praise from a teenager, right?

Okay, Mel, throw me your best bouquet. I assure you {wink, wink} mine looks much, much better in real life than in the pictures. Check out mine, check out Mel's . Leave a comment on either site to vote. May the finest flower win! Scroll to the bottom of the post to leave a comment. Click where it says "[some number] Comments" to go to the comment page. You can post as "anonymous" if you don't have a google account.

Throw Down Sneak Peek

Mel's not quite ready to post so I'll just tease you with a peek at my 7-flower pop up.