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Jul 3, 2009

Scherenschnitte Thank You Card

scherenschnitte thank you card

A thank you card for a teacher.

scherenschnitte thank you card

I downloaded the pattern from Paper Cutters. (Back Street Designs pattern books/ 34 fantasy collection).

Replaced the sun with the school initial. Flipped the image horizontally. Traced the outline using CorelTrace. Saved as a DXF. Opened and cut in RoboMaster. It only took me the entire morning to do.

I made the letters by creating a contour outline around each letter. (I used Corel, but you can do it in RoboMaster if you have 5.1). After cutting I discarded the letters and kept the outlines. I glued tiny bits of green paper to the backs of the letters to show through to the front. Yes, this took forever too. I should have just cut another set of contours from the green paper and used those. Too bad I didn't think of that until just this moment. Doh.

Jun 25, 2009

Piano Keyboard Pop Up Card

A piano keyboard is not too hard to make. It's based on the simple box mechanism.

As is usual in origamic architecture designs, cut lines run vertically and fold lines run horizontally.

I made this as a thank you card. The striped paper was cut to fit around the keyboard.

piano pop up card

piano pop up card

The design is not mine. There are any number of variations around the web. I did draw my own template, however.

Shelley shared SVG and SCUT files that she made.

Or print from the picture, below.

piano pop up card

Red lines=valley fold. Green lines=mountain fold. Blue lines=cut.

Too complicated? For an easier design with less cutting, try this design instead.

I borrowed much of my design from Marivi Garrido.

There are any number of variations on the theme: calendar piano by d-cecil; one from Unique Projects; this one by Gerry Stormer; and this from Snugart;

Jun 23, 2009

Birthday Cake Pop Up Card

Yesterday Nick Eng sent me his take on the pop up birthday cake card.

Here's the one I made....

I added his card to the original post, but since that was way back in February 2008, I wanted to pop his card up to the top of the blog and show it off. His recipient loves dogs, can you tell? He says not only do the candles pop up, but the tongue sticks out as the card opens. LOVE IT!

Jun 17, 2009

Yacht Father's Day Pop Up Card

It took a long, long time, but I finally came up with the joke to go along with this pop up card.
father's day pop up card
Don't worry, I already mailed the card, and frankly, the likelihood of my dad reading my blog is close to zero, anyway. So no secrets are being revealed.

On the envelope I put a picture of Bugs Bunny with the caption, "I knew I shoulda took that left turn at Albuquerque." The old joke about men and directions, you know. Which also answers the inevitable question, "Why am I rowing in FRANCE, for Pete's sake?"

On the card front is the dream boat.

I made the inside of the card way back in March (instructions).
father's day pop up card
On the green part of the inside I stuck this:
father's day pop up card

No picture of the completed card. I finished it and rushed it to the mailbox on the 12th, because I thought it was the 19th. A bit calendar challenged?
Check out the one made by Karma at Crazy Cricut Cutz. Her punch line is even better.
I heard back that my dad's response when he read the card was, "Dem's not 'oars, dem's LADIES!" Ooooph.