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Nov 10, 2017

Sliceform Christmas Tree with Angled Slices

Why is this sliceform papercraft tree special?  The slices fan out from the center axis at increasing angles rather than being perpendicular to the center slice.

Sliceform pop up card Christmas tree

Compare to this conventional Christmas tree sliceform pop up card with perpendicular slices.

Assembly is like any sliceform.  Because this cut file is designed to be a pop up card, I have configured the slots to lock the pieces so they won't fall apart even if you turn the card upside down and shake it!

Make it!

May 12, 2017

Busy Card Making in May

May is crunch time at my house for card making--a couple birthdays, graduations, Mother's Day, Thank You cards for work.

Mother's Day, in particular, always sneaks up on me!

Today's post is a show-and-tell.  More information about these cards to follow.

Starting with not-my-favorite.  I made this card in 2 hours because it HAD to get into the mail on Wednesday afternoon.  I like the papers and the birds, but I don't love the fabric flowers.  I can't quite put my finger on why.  The colors are right, but something is off about them.  Probably should have used felt flowers.

This is a double Z fold pop up card for Mother's Day.  Finished size is 6" x 5.5".
Splitcoast stampers has a good tutorial, and check out Pinterest for more ideas.

The birds are from Jolee's Boutique, they're called "stitched colorful birds."

Now this card IS my favorite.  My daughter and I purchased the vector flowers from GraphikCliparts to create her grad cap.   Since it's a vector design it scales to any size, thus, this graduation cap spring fold card.

I cut the footprints with my Silhouette Cameo.  They are MINUSCULE!

That's all for now!

Apr 5, 2017

Flower Pot Bunny Pop Up Card

Just in time for Easter, a bunny in a flower pot pop up card tutorial.  This pop up is a six sided flower pot with a rabbit, eggs, grass, and leaves.

This pop up card utilizes the pop up mechanism you may remember from my leprechaun hat pop up card, which in turn was adapted from my coffee cup pop up card.

How to make a flower pot Easter pop up card

Feb 17, 2017

Valentine Matchbox Pop Up

Such a clever candy box card.   I saw a pop up card similar to this, created from a pre-made box.  I made my own box from some cardboard I had lying about.  There were several advantages to making my own box: I sized it to fit the Valentine candy that was to go in it and I decorated the paper pieces while they were flat!

Click here for tutorial

Aug 24, 2016

Back to School Papercrafts

The weather at my house turned cooler yesterday, and it's back to school soon here in the northeast.

Here are some school-themed papercrafting projects from the archives.

Box of Crayons Pop Up Card
This might be my favorite box card of all time!
24 crayons box

French School Room
Fair warning: this school pop up card is challenging and time consuming.

French school pop up

Pleated Apple Box
There's also a pumpkin version of this little container.

apple box pleated lid and base

Sliceform Apple
Surprisingly easy to put together.

Sliceform apple, lattice version

Little Red Schoolhouse
Put a tealight in this little house and set it on your shelf.

vellum shelf village school

Feb 23, 2016

Crayon Box Pop Up Card

twenty four pack crayons birthday card pop up card

Crayon box birthday card, free template, cut files, printables for a cute and colorful card-in-a-box type of pop up card. It folds flat!

This papercraft 3D crayon box can be machine cut or hand cut.  Finished size approximately 5" tall.

How to make a crayon card-in-a-box

Jan 26, 2016

Pull Tab Valentine Pop Up Card

valentine pop up card front

Pull tab in the center of this valentine heart papercraft and the paper stretches apart to reveal your sentiment.

pull tab valentine heart card

Strategic cuts on the pop up card create a net from the concentric hearts, with a surprise message underneath.

side view valentine net card

How to make a pull tab valentine

Dec 19, 2015

Town and Country Extreme Christmas Card

This year's extreme Christmas card's theme is Town and Country.

I am completely enamored of  the Gotham / Got Ham witticism.

Daughter #1 lives in New York City, daughter #2 spent the summer working on a sow farm, and we parents live in the suburbs.

The envelope is printed, and shows farm, suburbs, and city.

The inside.  I was going for something smack in the center between snarky and offensive.

The words were printed first on each sheet, then the outline cut with the Cameo.

It took a while to get the settings right to cut those tiny building spires and the legs of the pig without tearing.

I put a white gel pen in my Silhouette Cameo to write the greeting on the blue card back.

This photo is on the back.  I created it with Photoshop, using the polar distortion filter.

The card stands when unfolded.

See more extreme Christmas cards, going back to 1989!

Oct 14, 2015

Van Pop Up Card Tutorial

Halloween is coming, so I was inspired to transform a papercraft Mystery Machine van into a pop up card.

front view of van pop up card

I used a paper model by mikedaws and this other one by Gary Williams and Craig Griswold for reference.

From a technical point of view, this pop up card is a 180° Open Top Box  (for the van sides, front, and rear)

top view of open box pop up card

combined with a Tabletop Floating on Boxes  (for the van roof).

side view of floating table top pop up card mechanism

How to make a Scooby Doo inspired pop up

Oct 9, 2015

Mystery Machine Pop Up Card

Being of a certain age I fondly recall Saturday morning cartoons, which apparently are no more.  In honor of Scooby Doo, I am working on a Mystery Machine pop up card.

Strangely enough, the hardest part has been to come up with a sentiment.  I really want to use this as a Halloween card, but the best wording I have so far is "Jinkies!  You're HOW old??"  So maybe it will be a birthday card in the end.  Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

This is the prototype for the inside.  I need to remake it, adjusting the size and the order of construction. 

Tutorial is up!

Mystery Machine pop up card inside

Jun 13, 2015

Corvette Father's Day Pop Up Card

 Happy Father's Day from the kid who drives you crazy!

Simple pop up card with red Corvette convertible.

card inside Father's Day red car card

card front Corvette pop up

I used a sign generator to make the streets sign (pointing toward Around the Bend and Crazy Town) 
 and Photoshop Elements to combine the landscape and the sign, to paint in the asphalt, and to color-shift a blue car to red.
pop up card detail

This is one of the easiest pop up cards to make, with a single flat element attached the the card back (upright) and floor with a strap or box. For this card I used two 3/4" square simple boxes, cut and assembled separately from paper strips, one behind each of the two rear wheels.

how to construct pop up box

See this card by Polkadoodles for detailed instructions if you've never made this kind of pop up card before.

Jun 8, 2015

Pigs in a Barn Pop Up Card

A few years ago when these free standing pop up cards were a cardmaking fad, I saved a picture of one with side flaps that opened, thinking I would make one...some day. 

Fast forward 5 years or so.  I was looking for a barn-themed card for my daughter who is interning at a swine farm, and found by this one by Lisa Bullock to use for inspiration.  I particularly like the use of the side flaps to create the barn interior.

The box base of the free standing pop up card collapses upward to fold flat.

When you pull the tab at the top, the barn emerges through a slot, and the base becomes a box.

The barn doors open to the sides and lock the card in the popped up position.

For my card I used pig illustrations from children's books, drawn by Paul Galdone.   

Jun 4, 2015

Attaching Pop Up Mechanisms with Tabs and Slots {Throwback Thursday}

Welcome to Throwback Thursday week 5, with another revised and updated post from the very beginning of Extreme Cards and Papercrafting.

How to Make Pop Up Cards Tutorial
This is Lesson 5 in a series of step by step tutorials on How to Make Pop Ups. 

Now that we have looked at a couple different kinds of pop up mechanisms, you may be wondering how to attach those separately-cut pieces to your base card.

One option is:
Tabs and Slots

What are tabs and slots?

Sample one: visible tabs
Print out (or draw your own) box mechanisms as shown and cut out.
Fold the base card in half and glue the tabs to the shaded areas.

Sample two: tabs turned to the inside

Sample three: tabs glued though a slot
Cut the two slots, slide the tabs through the slots and glue to the outside of the card.
If you use this tabs and slots you will need something on the outside of the card to cover the tabs.

What happens when you move the tabs closer or further from the center fold of the base card?
The pop up box changes shape.

From left to right, these are sample 4, sample 1, and sample 5.

Sample four: tabs moved toward the outer edges of the card

Sample five: tabs moved toward the fold of the card


The addition of tabs and slots to your pop up design takes a bit of thought. You need to consider both function and appearance. The tab or tabs must be large enough to support the pop up, yet hidden from view (or incorporated as a design element).

Here is an example with hidden tabs. (Like sample 5). The cake has tabs on either side.

They are folded under and glued to the card under the cake. (Bonus: can you see that the candles use a v-fold?)

Template by Robert Sabuda

This Easter Egg has side tabs slotted through the card.

pop up easter egg

The center of the daffodils are tabbed and slotted through the card.

More examples of Tabs and Slots