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Feb 24, 2018

Mondrian Tri-Shutter Birthday Card

This birthday tri-shutter card features a Piet Mondrian inspired design of abstract rectangles in primary colors.

Mondrian style birthday card

With some assistance from CorelDRAW,  the Mondrian style design did not require that much manipulation to fit it on a tri-shutter pop up card.

Funny story about the inspiration for this card.  Last summer I happened to watch the pilot of The Partridge Family, where they decide to form a band, and they paint the school bus?  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, poor you, you have no idea of the fabulousness of the Friday night tv line-up of the early 1970s).

Some thoughts about tri-shutter cards:

A tri-shutter is divided vertically into 6 equal parts, with the center two pieces merged.
The horizontal divisions do not need to be equal.

This picture shows the cut and fold diagram (black cut lines; red fold lines).

tri shutter pop up card cut and fold lines

Here I have added (pink) guides to emphasize the six equal parts.

tri shutter pop up card design considerations

I cut the entire design from white card stock and left it adhered to the cutting mat, then removed and replaced with the various colors as needed.

You can see I had to divide some shapes where cuts or folds were running through them.  (The large blue and red squares, for example.)

Cutting Mondrian card with Silhouette cameo

Mondrian tri-shutter pop up card cut outs

Once the pattern was completed, I used painters' tape to hold the pieces in place. This is the front.

transferring pieces with tape

This is the back--removing the excess white card stock.

removing waste card stock from Mondrian card cut

Still the back, with the white card peeled away.

Mondrian tri-shutter card ready to glue

Gluing the pieces to the card.  Because of the folds, this can be done 1/3 of the card at a time.

adhering Mondrian tri-shutter card pop up

I waited for the adhesive to dry, then carefully cut along the cut lines, and scored and folded along the fold lines.

front view of Mondrian tri-shutter card with vinyl sentiment

The "Happy Birthday!" sentiment is cut from adhesive vinyl.

This is the card folded flat for mailing.

folded tri-shutter card

There is no downloadable file set for this.  Keeping it unique!

See some other birthday cards here.

Jun 12, 2017

Paper Succulents

The succulent craze has hit my household big time.  I made this 3D papercraft bouquet of succulent "flowers" as a Happy Birthday card for my daughter.

Papercraft succulents birthday card with cut files for Silhouette and Cricut.

Construction isn't difficult, but somewhat time consuming.

All of the paper succulents start the same way: cut the pieces, sponge on some ink, and curl the edges of the petals a little bit.

Be generous with color.  Layer on greens and browns and highlight with red or white.White adds tremendous depth.

The circular flower-like succulents are made by stacking the layers.
--Cut two sets of petal rounds for each "bloom".  Stack them to your liking.  You won't need every piece, and after gluing the stack use spare petals to fill in bare spots.
--Roll the smallest layer into a loose cone for the center.
--Using dimensional glue dots (foam) to adhere the bigger layers bulks up the succulent.

Papercraft succulents birthday card with cut files for Silhouette and Cricut.

The purple trailing plant, which starts as a long strip with leaves on both side, is wrapped around thick floral wire or a skewer or toothpick or whatever you have.  Fill in bare spots with extra leaves.

The blue and the beige sprigs are a pain.  I glued them painstakingly, leaf by leaf, on a toothpick (beige) and small tube of paper (blue).  I'm sure there's a better way to make these.

Papercraft succulents birthday card with cut files for Silhouette and Cricut.

I glued the succulents to a 3" diameter styrofoam ball covered with strips of wood grain paper to look like a basket.  The foot of the planter is a snap-together curtain grommet (left over from another crafty project) wrapped with the same paper strips.  After the large pieces were secure, I went back around and filled in empty spots with spare leaves.

Click to download file set: Silhouette Studio, PDF, SVG (how to use my SVG files in Cricut Design Space). Files download for free. A huge thank you to the many readers who support my site with a small contribution when downloading.  Pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site.   Suggested contribution for this project is $2.00.

Dec 1, 2016

3D Twisted Origami Tree

Here's a nifty papercraft, an origami Christmas tree made from a map.

3d Christmas origami tree

The base is square and the folds spiral around, tucking in at the top.

3d tree origami

I looked through a discarded atlas to find a map with a lot of green.  You can boost the color by sponging some green ink on the map if you need to.  You will see a tiny bit of the back side of the paper at the very tip of the tree (the beige part on my tree).

The finished size of the tree depends  of course, on the size square you start with.  I used a 9" square of atlas page and ended up with a 3" tall tree.

The origami tree fold was designed by Jannie van Schuylenburg.
Link to folding directions by Leyla Torres.

3d Christmas tree atlas page

I've made a bunch of other projects from one discarded atlas--the Dutch apple sliceform, and this rolled rose wreath.  (THAT took forever to assemble, but I love it.)

papercraft rolled roses wreath

Nov 11, 2015

Paper Box Gingerbread Advent Calendar Part 3

Several weeks of work and a LOT of paper later, I have completed my gingerbread advent calendar from paper boxes. 

The front has a tall door with dimensional snow paint outlining it.  The wreath is made from punched branches.  I covered the gable end with a triangle of brown paper and scalloped trim.  Windows are cut from yellow waxy paper.   The candy sticks are made from striped paper rolled diagonally into a tube.  Drawer pulls are small brads fastened through each drawer front.

The roof is decorated with snow writer paint and melted pony beads.

I cut the tree from a piece of scrapbook paper and then cut it apart to fit the drawers.  It is decorated with Stickles glitter and jewels.

How to make a gingerbread advent calendar from boxes

Nov 2, 2015

House of Boxes Advent Calendar Part 2

If you've been following along the last couple weeks, you know I've been working on a gingerbread house advent calendar constructed of boxes.

I have finished making 25 boxes and have put them together to build a gingerbread house.  Now it's all about the decorations.

decoration gingerbread house

How to make a gingerbread advent calendar from matchboxes

Oct 27, 2015

Gingerbread House Advent Calendar Part 1

Yes, you guessed it, the mystery paper craft project is going to be an advent calendar.  The design consists of 24 or 25 matchbox type boxes, stacked into a 3D house.

Depending on how you stack the boxes, you can make a chalet type gingerbread house (a cube), or a farm house (a rectangular prism).

My 25 box gingerbread advent calendar house is still in progress. If you want to work along with me, start making your boxes!

building house advent calendar from boxes

How to make a matchbox advent calendar

Jan 1, 2011

Cube Puzzle

puzzle cube

I pulled this design from the Japanese gallery on the Tama Software page.

If you want to hand cut it, download and print the file from that site.

I traced it out for machine cutting.
Download PDF or DXF or SVG

Cut out 12 sets of pieces: 3 each of four different colors.

Assembly Diagram
puzzle cube

If you are using the SVG, refer to the assembly diagram for score line placement. I put a tiny notch between sides 1 and 2 where the score line terminates. Every other score ends at a V between two tabs.

Valley fold on red lines, mountain fold on green lines.

Glue the two pieces together, matching numbered edges. You will want to be most precise in your gluing where the cubes form at edges 1-2-12, and at edges 6-7-8. These glue joins show the most if you're off a little.

Work slowly. I glued a couple edges at a time, holding them in place until the glue started to set up. Then I did a couple more edges. It took me most of an evening to glue up the twelve pieces.

I decided to make a top and bottom tray to help hold the puzzle together as I was putting the pieces in place.

puzzle cube

Each tray is made like the boxes from my Advent calendar. Cut the cardstock 5.75" wide and 6.75" long. The finished measurement is 4.75" long and wide, and 1/2" deep.

cube puzzle tray

Nov 8, 2010

Opera House Christmas Ornament

newport opera house

Some time ago, like well over a year ago some time ago, my mother suggested making a fold-flat model of the Newport Opera House to sell as a Christmas ornament at a local holiday fundraiser. It didn't seem like it would be so hard. Except, I didn't have any close up pictures of the building, and I don't live close by.

{insert humming here}

Flash forward to this year, and I still hadn't made the thing although I fully intended to. Fine. Looked up some pictures. Made my mother go count how many windows there were on the sides. Started hacking away at it. Several more months went by. Sent my husband to take some pictures of the back of the building when we were visiting this summer.

I figure if I were trying to make money on this beast my hourly wage would be about 1 cent per hour for every ornament sold. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. Good thing I'm donating them!

{insert grumbling here}

After I made the first 20, I went back and looked at the pictures again and saw I had made the roof line too high. So that's fixed, but I guess it's a big oh well for whoever buys from the first batch. Hey, it's an ornament, not a scale model.

Which is why, when I look at things like this, I think, "Cripes, this guy is inSANE."

Here's what it looks like flat. The blue and red lines are non-printing, they are cut and score lines.

newport opera house layout

Completed, it's quite tiny, only 3.5" deep x 2" tall, and 2" tall (measured at the top of the roof--not including the clock tower.)

This is the bottom, which holds itself together without adhesive. I adapted it from a doughnut takeout box.

newport opera house

This one is not available for download, sorry.

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Jun 15, 2010

Father's Day at the Center of the Universe

father's day automata

It's not a pop up card, and it doesn't even fold flat. Good thing I didn't have to mail this Father's Day "card" which is really a papercraft model or automata.

When you turn the crank the universe revolves around Dad.

The parts came from Canon Creative Park. The bottom is the Ptolemaic system from here. The Dad part is from here.
The Dad printable needs to be reduced in size by 50%. You can just set your printer to do that, but I scanned it first, then opened it in Photoshop to change the hair color.

Putting your Father's Day papercraft together

Assemble the Ptolemaic system base, stopping after piece #16. Skip piece #17.

Use piece #18 as a pattern to cut a plain circle from card stock of your color choice. Glue substitute piece #18 to the post at the center of the universe.

Assemble the Dad model.

I glued the earth piece from the Ptolemaic system in his arms.

Glue Dad on the plain circle #18 at the center of the universe. Be sure he is facing toward you when the crank is on the right side (for right-handed Dads).

Create your sentiment text on coordinating paper and glue it to the base. I covered up the explanation of the Ptolemaic System. I also renamed it the "[Dad's last name]-ic" system and covered up the label on the front of the base.

father's day automata

Turn the crank!

Heck, I guess I should have used thicker card stock because it's a little deformed!

father's day automata
Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: pop up cards, movable cards, digital crafts and unusual papercrafts.

Sep 25, 2009

Heart Trio Card Sketch

trifold heart pop up card

trifold heart pop up card

Designing the folding pattern for this card took so long I no longer have much desire to make a real card with it. So let's call it a card sketch. If you make something with it, send it along and I'd be delighted to post your creation!

Download PDF template

Cut out and fold.

trifold heart pop up card

trifold heart pop up card

trifold heart pop up card

See the card I eventually made from this card sketch here.


Aug 4, 2009

3D House Papercraft Birthday Card

Somehow I stumbled upon a page of little paper house models on Fold 4 World. Good luck finding them from the Home page--who would think to click on the "Shopping" tab?
I like the idea of the rotating message, but a calendar didn't suit my needs so I changed the window to read "Happy Birthday".
house papercraft
If you're truly compulsive you could change the wording before you print. I didn't bother, I just used the reverse (blank) side of the spinning pieces, #11 and #14, and printed out my own message to glue on each.
The house goes together pretty easily. My only suggestion is to be sure to test fit #11 inside #8 and #14 inside #13 to make sure they turn easily before you glue them. (You know I had to re-do them, right?) You can make those two turning parts a little smaller if you need to, it won't show when you're finished.
I added a little glitter on some of the edges where I had a bit of white card stock showing.

Dec 17, 2008

Seven Snowflake Pop Up

Remember the Seven Flower Pop Up ?

The flower parts are little six-petal cups. Six sides...like a snowflake? Hey, why not?

The seven snowflakes go together just like the seven flowers, but you have to take a few precautions.

Start by cutting eight-sided flowers, exactly as if you were making the seven flower pop up.

Make additional cuts to turn them into snowflakes. Don't remember how to cut snowflakes? Instructions here.

Do not cut away the basic petal shape at the top! When I made my snowflakes I made the mistake of cutting random shapes, ending up with some that didn't have any paper left up at the tips where they needed to be glued together.

Here are mine. Some of them worked better than others.

Yes, your snowflakes will start with eight sides.

Following the directions for the Seven Flower Pop Up, cut out one section of each snowflake, then glue the two end sections on top of one another. Each snowflake will form a little cup.

Fold each snowflake in half. Make sure you have one full "petal" in the middle of each folded flake, not two full petals side by side.

Yeah, I did that wrong the first time, too.

Stack and glue the snowflakes to each other as shown in the Seven Flower Pop Up directions.

The snowflakes don't pop as vigorously as flowers do because the cuts soften the paper a bit. I think that's a good thing.

If I make this again I will choose papers in a variety of the very palest of pastels. I think it will be prettier and certainly easier to figure out what I'm gluing to what. (All those white pieces just blend together in a big mush when you're working with them).

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