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Jul 27, 2016

New Pop Up Instruction Book

Oh no!  Thanks to a reader from Germany for bringing to my attention that this may be an unauthorized abridgment of Duncan Birmingham's book.  (See her comment below). Please buy the real deal instead, Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics: How to Make Folding Paper Sculpture
Big news!  Duncan Birmingham, has written a new "quick start" manual to pop up design.  It's a 48 page crash course in the basics.  

Buy Pop-Up Design & Paper Mechanics now for only $6.02 (a 39% discount) with free shipping from Book Depository.

Or pre-order from Amazon
Pop-Up Design & Paper Mechanics: 18 Shapes to Make
(It's not available to ship from the USA until October.  Book Depository ships from the UK.)

Duncan Birmingham pop up design 18 shapes

Birmingham is the author of Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics: How to Make Folding Paper Sculpture which is #1 on my list of recommended books about how to make pop ups!

Duncan Birmingham pop up design book


Ines said...

I wanted to learn more about this book - on Amazon.de (I live in Germany) is a Google-Translation into German from the original text from Amazon.co.uk which is as follows: Top Customer Reviews

1.0 out of 5 starsIt looks good but may well prove very disappointing
By Duncan Birmingham on 7 May 2016
Do not buy this book!
This is an abridged edition of a book originally written by me. This edition was produced without consulting me in any way. It looks good but may well prove very disappointing. Only one of the nine shapes pictured on the cover is fully explained inside – four of them require specific and careful measuring; this book will not enable you to make them. The information inside is patchy, sometimes misleading and often omits crucial details necessary to understand what is a subtle and sometimes difficult art form. If you want to enjoy and understand the delightful and surprising field of pop-up design you will do much better if you get hold of the original book - Pop-up Design and Paper Mechanics – How to Make Folding Paper Sculptture. Or watch the videos on You Tube, The Pop-Up Channel.

Carol P said...

Oh my goodness, obviously I had no idea. Changing my post right now.

dhawktx said...

Thank you for leaving up the original parts of your post! I adore the work you share and your honesty and transparency only doubles that!