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Apr 12, 2013

X-Acto Product Reviews

The good people at X-ACTO sent me two products to try out--Multi-Material Scissors
and the X3000 knife.

I opened the scissors first and used them to cut open the X-Acto knife package :).
The knife is exactly the quality you would expect from the brand. It's an extremely sharp precision cutter. The shaped and padded handle design is comfortable.

While my personal preference is a retractable blade, because I inevitably lose the safety cap, the on-board blade storage in the back of the knife is workable. It's simple enough to remove the blade and stash it in the handle.

My first impression of the scissors was that the handles were not particularly comfortable. The handle openings are large, and my hands are small.

Although I probably would not choose these for my everyday, all-purpose scissors, WOWSER, can these babies cut! I easily sliced through an impressive pile of materials: lightweight cardboard, corrugated cardboard against the grain, a big folded pad of newspaper, a tongue depressor and even a pencil!

Despite my initial misgivings, I found that the handles did not leave marks or sore places in my hands. A great choice for tough jobs. I bet they would make short work of those annoying heat sealed hard plastic packages that defy all attempts to cut them open. (I didn't have one hanging around the house, so I couldn't try it.)
Thanks X-Acto!

Product Details

X-ACTO® Multi-Material Scissors, product #X3038

MSRP of $10.00

*Available at Wal-Mart stores (May)

X-ACTO’s Multi-Material Scissors offers artistic individuals a durable, long-lasting tool usable for numerous projects. Features include:

• Made with X-ACTO 3 mm stainless steel blades• Cuts multiple materials including scrapbook paper, burlap, denim, felt, cork, leather, plastic sheets (up to 20 thousandths), strip magnet and aluminum wire (up to 12 gauge)

X-ACTO® X3000, product #X3732
MSRP of $8.33

*Available at Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabric stores (May)

X-ACTO’s X3000 hobby knife provides easy access and safe storage for artists on-the-go. Features include:

• Built-in storage compartment holds up to 5 extra #11 blades

• Advanced X2000 with blade storage

• Anti-roll knife handle and textured no-slip grip• Black, cranberry or royal blue color options (with cap)

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Tess said...

My all time favorite scissors are the Bumblebee small sharp-tipped teflon-coated scissors. I have never had so much control, and my hands are also small. I don't like heavy metal ones unless it's a quick job. I have been thinking of getting those silicone scissors handle liners they make for sewers. I must have twenty pairs in this house, but go back to those Bumblebees most of the time. They came out for the scrapbooking market and I wish I had bought a dozen. They aren't as easy to find now that stores can't afford as much stock.

Carol said...

Wow, I was looking at all the DOVO scissors (including the Bumblebee) on this site and drooling.



I must try that new knife! With our projects, the x-acto can definitely make my fingers sore and even bruised sometimes so that grip looks better to work with. thanks for sharing!

im curious to know what you think of our cards. check us out!


Carol said...

Kay, box-ies and tatebanko? What's not to love!