Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: Dec 31, 2011

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Dec 31, 2011

Cranberries Twister Pop Up Card

This pop up card makes you say, "How does THAT work?"

I was inspired by the designs of the extraordinary Keiko Nakazawa, who often collaborated with Masahiro Chatani, a pioneer in the art of origamic architecture. Specifically, this book.

happy handmade 3d pop up card

The cranberry motif is from MTCSCAL E-Files.

twisted pop up card

How to make a twister pop up card

Download file PDF or DXF or SVG and cut.

Crease along center score line. (Add score line at center fold to SVG file.)

Lay the card on a flat surface and pull the circular motif (the part that looks like a snowglobe) upright.

twisted pop up card

Lift the card slightly and flip the entire right half upside down, rotating it around the center score line. Re-align the slit parts at both ends of the card. Isn't that an amazing effect?

Trim the card to size.

Because this card needs to open completely flat, the base card is made in two pieces, leaving a small gap at the spine.

twisted pop up card

Cut a base card to the size you want, then slice it in two where you would normally crease the center fold.

Lay the base card on your flat surface with the cut edges together. You may want to tape it down with repositionable tape (like painter's tape).

Lay the cut card on the base card. Align center lines. Check that the cut edges at the center top and bottom line up. Again, you may want to tape these together temporarily.

Glue the cut card into the base card, one half at a time. Be sure you glue all around the edges of the card, and the flower parts in the middle.

The split in the center of the base card helps the card to fold up nicely without wrinkling the cut piece.

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