Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: Jun 3, 2011

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Jun 3, 2011

Bad Break

waving paper doll mechanical card

A wanted to make a get-well mechanical card for my dental hygenist, who broke both her ankles. My original plan was something like this snow angel card from CornerstoneLAE, but I couldn't get the pull tab to work in a satisfactory manner. So, with time ticking away, I just left it out. You have to move an arm or leg yourself to create the motion.

mechanical card leg cast

For the paper doll base I began with the doctor paper doll file from Quilling Patch. I think the only parts I didn't change were the hands!

I was in such a hurry to send the card off that I didn't take pictures of the assembly process. Darn! I'll have to remake it for the tutorial. Not TODAY!

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