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Jun 7, 2011

Top 10 Countdown of Extreme Projects

Most viewed projects during the past year!

10. Graduation Cap Pop Up Card

graduation pop up card

9. Rubber Band Pop Up Cube

rubber band pop up cube

8. Origami Architecture Pencil Holder

origamic architecture pencil holder

7. Gingerbread House Pop Up Card

gingerbread house pop up card

6. Sliceform Christmas Tree

sliceform pop up Christmas tree

5. Origamic Architecture Wedding Cake

origamic architecture cake

4. Pile of Hearts Pop Up Card

hearts pop up card

3. Double Heart Spiral Card

spiral heart pop up card valentine

2. Five Pointed Origami Star

origami star

1. Seven Flower Pop Up Card

seven flower pop up card

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Dr Sonia S V said...

YOur house and 7 flower are my favourites

Monica said...

Just so impressed by all you make and create.

Margaret Almon said...

Love the star! I grew up in the Moravian church which has a tradition of stars made out of paper, with a light inside. Now they are plastic, but the paper ones are fabulous.

Anita said...

AMAZING! Thanks for sharing your awesome creations!

Nathan said...

I'm the boy who emailed you for the .GSD of the graduation card!!!
I have pictures and a video to upload soon!